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Local Content

Enabling and stimulating the proliferation of local content (Movies, Short Videos, Reality Shows, Talk Shows, Game Shows, Comedies, educational shows (e-learning), Music Videos)

Full Mobility

Aligning the shift in consumer behavior towards Anywhere, Anytime and Any-Device viewing culture of younger people

Peering Services

Improving Service Delivery, Cost, Service Quality and Penetration of Global OTT Players (Netflix, Amazon) through shared Peering service local ISPs

Advertising Application

  • Providing new channels for digital advertising through Advert Enabled VoD offerings
  • AVOD offerings has the potential to accelerate OTT service uptake and allows the Telecom/ Internet Service Providers to benefit from advertising revenueus
  • Video Advertising promises to be a huge growth market


  • Offering a new channel to deepen online business through interactive e-commerce proposition that features: Shopping Channel, Promotional Channels, Advertorial Channels
  • Combining these with integrated payment solutions accepting diverse payments options

White-label Offering

  • White Labelling allows the Telecom/Internet Service providers to brand the interface used by its customers to access Media Services
  • White Labelling allows the operators to own the customer experience

Reduced Barrier to Entry

Reduced barrier to Entry for Local Channel Ownership on OTT Platform .Churches, movie producers and local TV channels can have the possibility to operate its own channel on OTT platform